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Game menu

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"For those who love game and poultry"

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Cold starter.


Vension carpaccio.
Thinly sliced venison served with a vegetable garnish.

Warm starter.


Duck breast.
The way the hunter's wife likes it - medium rare and served with an orange sauce.



Game soup.
Strong dark broth with a hint of Italian Massada wine.



St. Hubertus loin of venison.
Loin of venison served with Cumberland sauce.
Haunch of venison.
Haunch of venison prepared in grandmother's way, served with a velvety sauce
Venison stew.
Spicy-but-soft venison stew served with red cabbage and mashed potato
Wild boar.
Wild boar steak served with red port sauce.
Fillet of pheasant.
Pheasant roast in its skin and served with Alsace-style sauerkraut.
Loin o hare.
Loin of hare served with a strong sauce made with spicy gingerbread
All our dishes are served with salad and a seasonal game garnish